My Favorite American Girl Characters II


Samantha Parkington [1904]

Caroline Abbott [1812]

Kit Kittredge [1934]

Maryellen Larkin [1954]

Felicity Merriman [1774]

Rebecca Rubin [1914]

Historical Characters/Best Friends

Marie-Grace Gardner [1853]

Elizabeth Cole [1774]

Nellie O'Malley [1904]

Ruthie Smithens [1934]

Emily Bennett [1944]

Girl of the Year

Lindsey Bergman [Girl of the Year 2001]

Nicki Fleming [Girl of the Year 2007]

Chrissa Maxwell [Girl of the Year 2009]

Lanie Holland [Girl of the Year 2010]

Saige Copeland [Girl of the Year 2013]

Grace Thomas [Girl of the Year 2015]

Lea Clark [Girl of the Year 2016]


 Contempary Characters

Tenney Grant



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